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Reloaded Smile

It helps remove the bacteria in our mouths with a couple simple steps.
I was quite exkeptive but I just had to try it once to realize my mouth was drastically clean and fresh, I was posponing doing it for weeks and weeks but it was worth to try it.
One morning I just realised it was the perfect momento to try it cuz I haven't ate anything yet and I has a good night of sleep so I pour 1 full spoon of coconut oil into my mouth and started swishing it all around my mouth at first very vigorously; after 5-8 minutes my mouth got tired because I was doing it too intense so I relaxed the swishing and slow everything down, moving the oil smoothly through my mouth. So it got confortable to do it, it wasn't as messy as I thought it would be in fact was pretty doable and completely dramaless.

After 2 weeks of doing the oil pulling I can say it has a become one of those regular practices that make sense to put in action. My mouth was so! fresh and seriously clean! All that naturally.

C a r l a .


Marion Cotillard by Tom Munro
When a strong young woman with all the garbo one can ever wish and all the eggs a guy could only dream about, to the point that horses seems to carry her like in a slow wild dance while she know? When this kind of woman falls down for a bit, when she mellows, I think: what am I such a...woman? human? Mostly a woman because I mean What is all that about a guy related problem, and it follows to: why this shit affects us in this way, I mean this intense way? (not that a guy's feelings are less intense but I mean the way). Just!: Why the fragile knees? the seductive feeling that it can almost tears us apart from one minute to the other?
This are women, that should be clear and said out loud. A couple of tears shouldn't be taken as a sign of weakness, it is just a different way to process things, just that. It should be acknowledge that a couple of tears do more to us in the vulnerability building path we move through and in to braveness field; and more so, into a beauty bloom, from inside out. For real.

But wait! All that scenario it's just a reactive way to live! Ok!? you can cry but damn put yourself together quickly! Quickly! It can be addictive as Fuck. Toxic. Shape the woman you're aimed to be.

You're welcome.

P.S.: this is for you S. ;)

C a r l a .

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