miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016

Depression Cherry

For when you want to escape from planet earth, infallible...

Space Song
Beyond Love
Wild Flower
Days of Candy

Full Album: http://bit.ly/1Lk7Uxc

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lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015

Linda Rodin

This week (like a month ago or so) Linda Rodin has drawn my attention partly for exuding that fine mature solid persona (she seems to have a broader sense of peace within herself), and partly because she has an intact grace and sutil charm that once you really take chance to look closer you can understand and happily admire it, like I did.

More here.

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martes, 3 de noviembre de 2015

#FutureNow: Social Media Consciousness

It's funny how crappy social media gets you, I see it as a slow process sometimes (like happened to me and most of us) you don't realize it right away because is slowly but even realizing it every now and then I bought the whole thing. Its as appealing as the smell of brand new plastic but is toxic and fake, and in the end you know it, I mean you always knew it, the thing is you finally act on it (hopefully).

As probably you did by now, I watched Essena quiting social media and gotta say I saw it coming in my dreams. I think its only natural for change to happen because people is not stupid (at least not all the time) and I have the feeling that we just had enough of the same shit. If you look accurately, basically 85% of content in youtube its the same blah just because it gets likes and views, but doesn't really make anything happen and if you look at the world it's the same thing most of the content and activities are just distractions of what is reeeeeally happening, to you and the world. All distractions feel nice but are just momentary, and when they pass you can see that the shit surrounding remains (of course!) unless real change happens, unless we create the future as we want it, with our own hands and with our sober-aware mind and hearts.

For more: click here.

And as I do with the material things I own, I evaluate my behavior on social media, to declutter all the content that I really don't need, that are pointless or that don't follow the self I'm creating (on my point of view).

This also leads to other subjects like the ideal body and strong/healthy self image in general, knowing what we're doing to earth and ourselves by eating our food as treats, going to the source of things, cutting the bullshitetc.

I'm excited, aren't you?

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sábado, 10 de octubre de 2015

Cry for no reason

Last night i cried for no discernible reason
in an apartment that doesn’t belong to me
in front of a person who also doesn’t belong to me
(because people can’t own other people)

I say that i don’t like owning things
but i’m not sure if that’s entirely accurate

I used to only cry alone
I have cried more in front of people in the last 6 months
than in the last 5 years of my life combined

crying seems funny, to me

I am on a very crowded train
passing grand central station
it is 9:01AM and i am officially late for work

I am late for work because i slept 15 minutes past my alarm
then i had sex
then i stopped for coffee

I am late to work every day
when you’re an intern nobody cares what you do

the main thing I am learning at my internship
is how to look busy when i’m not doing anything
also, i am very good at making photocopies now
and putting labels on things

today i got an email from a woman in human resources
she was upset because i haven’t gone to any of the ‘intern events’
because the ‘intern events’ count as your lunch break
and i want to eat lunch alone
i have become very good at avoiding other interns

at 5pm i will take a crowded train to my second job
at my second job i have learned how to answer phones
and transfer calls to the appropriate extensions
and smile at people
and bring people coffee
and call the car service
and process fed ex packages

today my brother emailed me while having a good drug experience
i want to have fun when i take drugs
but it’s difficult, sometimes

also, i want to lose 20 pounds
but i think that is an unrealistic goal
considering i don’t exercise
and my diet is terrible
and i am unmotivated

I think i would like to go to mexico and just hang out for a while
my dad says I have 50 cousins in mexico but i have never met them

would they let me leave work early
if i got hit by a car but wasn’t seriously injured


C a r l a .
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